XING’s eye-catching display formats let you showcase your brand effectively. In comparison to other websites, XING contains very little advertising, meaning that your advertising message generates more attention.

How you benefit (minimum booking 10,000 €)

Valid targeting

Targeting is based on real data rather than probabilities,meaning that only potential customers see your display ads.

Professional environment

As the largest online business network in German-speaking countries, XING has a professional, active user base, making it the ideal place for you to reach out to potential customers.

Maximum attention

The extremely low amount of advertising on XING helps put the spotlight on your message as users only see up to two formats per page impression.


Good reasons for choosing our display ads:

Choose from a range of appealing display formats to boost your brand awareness. Your ads will then appear in a prominent position within a professional environment. Detailed targeting options ensure your message reaches your target group without any wastage. 

Exclusive marketing partners

BurdaForward and Goldbach Audience are our exclusive display marketing partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

If you’re interested in a display campaign without bundling it with any other XING ad formats such as XING Ads, XING Business Pages, XING Sponsored Articles or XING Mailings, please contact our professional partner BurdaForward if you’re in Germany or Goldbach Audience if you’re in Austria or Switzerland.



BurdaForward: e-mail:, phone: +49 (151) 527 490 60 und +49 (69) 7137 669 83



Goldbach Audience Austria GmbH: e-mail:, phone: +43 (0) 1 370 88 08 0



Goldbach Audience (Switzerland) AG: e-mail:, phone: +41 (0) 44 914 93 91

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