Boost your reach with XING Ads by posting ads prominently on your target group’s start page. Post an ad or video to promote your website, XING group, job ad or event on XING. Accurate targeting means that your XING Ads reach the right people and help you achieve your business goals.


XING Ads are native ads posted on the XING start page. The XING AdManager lets you create and manage your ads and campaigns on your own.

By using detailed targeting criteria, you can narrow down your target audience by region, industry and career level, for example, while also setting a budget to maintain full cost control. Our professional sales experts are on hand to help you plan your campaign, integrate it on XING, and review performance.


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How you benefit

Start page placement

Your XING Ad will be posted in a prominent position, both in the desktop and mobile versions of the start page to ensure you attract maximum attention for your advertising messages.

Accurate targeting

Detailed criteria based on our user data let you choose a precise target group which will see your content.


Get access to the AdManager for companies and agencies to swiftly and simply manage your ad campaigns and those of your customers.

Overview of XING Ads

Good reasons for choosing XING Ads

Are you looking to draw more visitors to your corporate website, campaign landing page, XING profile, Company Profile or XING Business Page? Boost your reach with XING Ads as they enjoy prominent placement on the XING start page, in turn generating a great deal of attention among your target audience. 

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