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XING Sponsored Articles offer native placement of your content in XING News and XING industry newsletters. Win over your target group with first-rate content posted in a professional environment.

How you benefit (minimum booking 10,000 €)

Effective targeting

With 19 million workers from every industry, the XING network gives you access to a vast range of target groups and is the ideal place to successfully position your content.

Exclusive placement in XING News

Your articles will be displayed in the XING News overview page without any other distracting advertising, and in industry news and up to 25 daily industry newsletters.

Extensive reach

Specific industry newsletters are sent out to 5 million people every day. The resulting level of exclusivity means that you can reach out to your target audience without the competition getting in your way.

Overview of Sponsored Articles

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Good reasons for choosing XING Sponsored Articles

XING Sponsored Articles are the ideal way to convey your first-rate content in a professional environment that fosters trust in your target group. Direct readers to your website and boost traffic levels there. Exclusive industry newsletter entries ensure you reach your target audience without any disruptions from the competition.
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