XING Mailings let you e-mail your marketing message to potential customers. We help you choose the right target audience for your marketing messages from among 18 million members and then put together an appealing standalone mailing or a mailing to be used as part of your integrated campaign.

How you benefit (minimum booking 10,000 €)

Tailored targeting for your target groups

Focus your communication thanks to a broad range of target group parameters and individual clustering.

Bespoke concept

Only a few select XING partners enjoy this kind of cooperation, meaning that your campaign is one of the exclusive few.

Direct approach

Mailings are sent to XING members directly via the e-mail address linked to XING. That way you boost your reach and opening rate by reaching XING members outside of the platform.

Overview of XING Mailings

Good reasons for choosing XING Mailings

XING Mailings are an ideal solution when it comes to exclusive e-mail marketing. Your XING Mailings are sent out with XING co-branding to foster trust, in turn ensuring greater acceptance and interest among your potential customers.

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